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Why Choose Chromo Labs?

We currently supply hospitals and medical facilities 

FDA Formulated 70% USP grade Alcohol 

We have 50,000 gallons in stock, which means you’ll get product ASAP 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Contact us through our portal click here

We have 50,000 gallons in stock ready to ship! Shipping is typically between 1-7 business days based on location.

Yes, in fact we supply quite a few medical facilities currently.

Most definitely, we are here for the long run!

We are a family run business and people first business.  We decided to produce and sell FDA approved sanitizer to help hospitals and keep all our staff rightfully employed!

Stay Informed

Because of an increased demand for alcohol-based hand sanitizers during the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been reports of some consumers attempting to make hand sanitizers for personal use. The agency lacks information on...

With experts warning of a second wave of infections in parts of the South and Midwest as all 50 states ease pandemic restrictions, President Trump said the United States would not shut down again if the novel coronavirus comes roaring back. “We’re not going to...

Americans are bitterly divided over when the country should lift restrictions placed on businesses and citizens due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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